ProCell® is a patient blood management device for intraoperative autotransfusion (IAT). ProCell’s Sponge Blood Recovery Unit facilitates the extraction of blood from surgical sponges as a preliminary step in the IAT process. ProCell® functions as a blood collection device only and does not filter or process the blood recovered.

  • Improves workflow and encourages better patient blood management practices.
  • Enhances blood conservation.
  • Cost-effective accessory to a hospital’s existing intraoperative autotransfusion (IAT) equipment.
  • Eliminates potential occupational health hazards.
  • Powered by standard OR vacuum suction.
  • Innovative technology that is easy to use.
  • Compact, sterile, and disposable.
  • Can be used repeatedly during a single patient use.
  • Increases efficiencies with no mess.
  • Optimizes sponge-blood recovery.
  • Delivers an overall improved patient outcome.
  • Represents a new standard of care.

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Cryothermic Systems, Inc.

Cryo Cooling System – Apply a Cryo Cooling Pack for Targeted Temperate Management in Just 10 Seconds.

Simple & Fast

Simply punch the pack’s inner pouch to activate its patented formula. It requires no advanced training and takes less than 10 seconds to initiate patient cooling.

Safe & Proven

FDA-registered Cyro Cooling Packs fit 2015 AHA Guidelines and provide for immediate patient cooling equal to chilled saline.


The Cryothermic Cooling Element is the most cost-effective method to initiate and continue cooling, whether prehospital use by EMS or in the ICU for fever control.

Cryothermic Wrap Demonstration

Cryothermic Wrap is also available if cervical immobilization is not warranted.

The Cryo Cooling System® cools the neck and lowers body temperatures 1 to 3°C. It is applied in seconds, allowing first responders to attend to other needs of the patient.

Just “Punch a Cryo Pack” and place on the neck.

The Cryo Cooling Element achieves a temperature drop to -5°C within seconds. Simply place it on the neck covering both carotid triangle regions to initiate cooling quickly and safely. Change out the Cryo Cooling Element every 20 minutes to provide consistent cooling from scene of incident, through transport, to the Emergency Department, Cath Lab, and Intensive Care Unit. The distinctive, patented design of the Cryo Cooling Element is safe, cost-effective and ideal for EMS & Ed use as a Bridge in Targeted Temperature Management protocols.

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Prytime Medical™

Prytime Medical Devices, Inc., an innovative medical device company, designs, develops and commercializes minimally invasive solutions for hemorrhage control.

Prytime Medical Devices, Inc. introduced its latest aortic occlusion catheter. The ER-REBOA PLUS catheter is designed for improved ease of use, now guide wire-compatible (up to .025 “) with improved depth markings for insertion without imaging.


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