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Lemer Pax

The company designs and produces radiation protection equipment designed for the medical world, research, industry and nuclear protection. With over 40 years of innovation, and supported by its scientific college of international experts, it has become the world leader in innovation in its sectors of activity, exporting its technologies throughout the world. LemerPax is very actively involved in the optimization of the protection of operators exposed to ionizing radiation.

Interview with Professor Michel Haïssaguerre

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There has been a recent increase in the number of cardiac electrophysiology (EP) procedures under fluoroscopy. Established evidence has identified that physicians are exposed to dangerous levels of radiation during ablation procedures. Complex arrhythmia ablations such as AF ablations and others prolong radiation exposure time. In addition, physicians wearing lead aprons for extended amounts of time during procedures result in documented back problems.

To overcome these jeopardy and constraints - in collaboration with eminent practitioners as Professor Michel Haïssaguerre / Hôpital Cardiologique Haut-Lévêque / University Bordeaux 2 / Institut hospitalo-universitaire LIRYC / Bordeaux-Pessac, France / Lemer Pax has developed a whole range of mobile radiation protection cabins. First models have been developed for procedures like Atrial Fibrillation ablation (AF).
The Cathpax cabin :
  • Complete radiation protection
  • No lead aprons, no fatigue
  • Eliminate orthopaedic risks
  • Greater efficiency, more cases
  • No change of working practices
  • Comfort and mobility
  • Free of movements
  • Easily decontamination


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