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Control Medical Technology

Control Medical Technology is a development stage medical device company committed to commercialize safe and clinically relevant devices for improved patient care.

The company was funded in 2009 based on the core ASPIRE Aspirator* intellectual property.

Control’s global team has over 120 years of experience performing or observing thousands of procedures around the world. The team is unified by a commitment to improving patient safety and care through the development of simple, intuitive, and cost-effective devices.
*Product currently not approved for commercial use in Canada.

ASPIRE Aspirator System Specifications


The company is committed to quality in all business operations. Control Medical is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration and ISO 13485:2003 certified. All of the company’s manufacturing facilities or partners must be ISO 13485:2003 certified and approved and/or a certified vendor for a recognized publically traded medical device company.

Control Medical has offices in Park City, Utah and Hallandale Beach, Florida, USA.

ASPIRE Aspirator Improving aspiration with a cost-effective hand-held hand-operated device is not easy. Aspiration is typically performed with basic syringes or electromechanical pumps and systems:

• Electromechanical systems can provide high aspiration force and volume, but are expensive, difficult to set up, require training, require service, and do not let the clinician feel or control aspiration like a hand-held device.

• Small syringes are easy to operate but are limited in aspiration volume and will lose aspiration force quickly if air enters into the needle, catheter, trocar, or tube through cavitation, degassing, or connectivity leakage.

• Large syringes can aspirate more volume and are less susceptible to loss of force if air enters the barrel, but are difficult to operate requiring two hands to pull the plunger back.

• All standard syringes lack the ability to quickly purge air that enters into the circuit, allow the user to instantly increase or decrease force without accidentally re-injecting the aspirant, or perform pulsed aspiration.

The ASPIRE Aspirator is a novel hand-held Aspirator that consistently aspirates volume with speed, force, and control. The ASPIRE Aspirator also includes safety features that allow users to instantly start, stop, increase, decrease, or pulse aspiration force.