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CIRCA Scientific

CIRCA Scientific was funded in 2010 to innovate safe, accurate, and fast technologies for improved patient care. CIRCA’s S-CATH* and the CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System* address the problems associated with slow, single sensor, small surface area standard esophageal temperature probes and monitors, which are constructed with a single thermistor or thermocouple embedded inside a 3-5mm wide probe tip. These standard probes are used during a variety of procedures but are slow to respond to temperature changes and difficult to see under x-ray guidance.

For example, some temperature probes and monitors only display new temperatures 1 or 2 times every 2 seconds, and only cover a small 3-5mm wide area of the esophagus’s 10-20mm potential width.

CIRCA S-Cath™ & CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System™ Brochure


CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System™ Diagrams


CIRCA’s single-use radiopaque S-CATH includes 12 temperature sensors that continuously sense for new temperatures. In addition, the S-CATH deploys in a two-plane modified “S” configuration to cover up to an 18mm+ wide area of the esophagus and improves visualization under x-ray.

The re-usable CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System is a compact touch screen monitor that displays the individual temperature of each sensor 20-times-per-second. The monitor also simultaneously displays the warmest sensor on the probe. Temperatures are displayed in numerical and graphical formats and the clinician can set audible/visual warnings and alarms.

CS-1000 CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System • 12 temperature display - 50mS refresh rate (20-times-per-second)

• Continuous maximum temperature display

• Graphical display of temperature change over time

• User selectable visual and audible warning and alarm

• Indication for Use: Display continuous temperature measurement from 12-sensor temperature probe.

CS-1029 Temperature Reference Standard CS-2001 CIRCA S-Cath • 10 French OD Esophageal Temperature Probe

• 2-Plane radiopaque design

• 12 integrated sensors

• Straightening stylet for oral or nasal delivery

• Indication for Use: The Esophageal Temperature Probe is intended for continuous temperature monitoring. The radiopaque probe is designed for placement in the esophagus.

CS-2002 CIRCA S-Cath Interconnect Cable • 10' working length cable extension - Reusable

CS-2003 CIRCA S-Cath Interconnect Cable • 15' working length cable extension - Reusable

and CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System™

Maximum Temperature Screen

Channel Graphs Screen

Setup Screen