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CellAegis Devices

CellAegis Devices is a medical device company based in Toronto, Canada. We are commercializing the autoRIC® Device, a proprietary, non-invasive medical device that delivers a protective therapy called Remote Ischemic Conditioning (RIC). The autoRIC® Device is patent protected and is approved by Health Canada and has CE Mark for sale in the European Union.

The approved Intended Use is: 'The autoRIC Device is intended to provide remote ischemic conditioning to adult patients over 18 years of age undergoing cardiothoracic surgery or interventional cardiothoracic procedures or patients with evolving myocardial infarction. The autoRIC Device is intended for use in the hospital, ambulance or in the home settings as directed by a healthcare professional.'

The autoRIC® Device Brochure


In clinical trials, RIC has been shown effective in protecting multiple organs against Ischemia Reperfusion Injury (IRI), particularly in the heart where infarct size is decreased up to 50%. The therapy has clinically significant short-term benefit, reducing 30 day readmission rates and hospital complications, as well as long-term benefit in morbidity and mortality, where readmissions, adverse events and mortality are reduced 35-70% over the 4 to 6 year period.

Value in Automated RIC

The CellAegis autoRIC® Device is a new, portable, automated and non-invasive device that provides ‘point of care’ delivery of Remote Ischemic Conditioning (RIC) that is adjunct to standard of care.

The CellAegis autoRIC® Device is highly portable and resource-efficient, delivering four cycles of simple-to-administer treatment by way of a simple single start button. The total RIC treatment is less than 40 minutes, with minimal impact on valuable healthcare resources. Device operation is compatible with current standard-of-care treatments. Automated RIC delivery is safe accurate, reliable, and cost-effective.
Automating RIC Across the Spectrum of Care

CellAegis' autoRIC® Device can be used across the spectrum of care: RIC has proven efficacy in acute care settings, including treatment of patients in the ambulance or emergency room, or before cardiac procedures (surgery or other cardiac interventions). The simple to use autoRIC® Device also allows for patient administered treatment in the home for chronic disease treatment.